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What an exciting day! A leaflet came from the Quinbury Lightgame Emporium telling me that my pre-ordered Gamebaby Advance will be coming next month and offering me a choice of colours and of several packages containing different accessories at bargain prices - such as a link cable (rather important - for remember the Gamebaby Advance will allow up to four friends to play together with only one copy of the game being played), playing light, chargeable battery pack and even a copy of Mario Advance in which one can play as the adorable Princess Peach.

Pinobee - Quest of the Heart or Wings of Adventure?What most agitated this blonde were the adorable pictures of the Milky Pink Gamebaby which, contrary to expectations, will be available from the very beginning. It is the most delightful colour imaginable, and in the pictures shown looked irresistable. However I remembered (which the pictures did not show very clearly) that the Milky Pink is see-through and went to look at some other pictures in Elektraspace which very clearly shows screws, resistors, transistors and other Rude Mechanicals through the Sucrescent hue.

So I shall have to be sensible and choose purple, which is the Royal colour and (therefore?) the official colour of Nintendo, and will certainly have a matching Cube.

Oh, but the games look so exciting! The leaflet tempted me with over thirty, though I am quite sure only a fraction of that number will be available at the time of release, though Mario certainly will. And one can get it in a bargain pack with the machine.

Other early-ish excitements will be Pinobee: Quest of the Heart about a robot bee! I believe in the West it will be called Pinobee: Wings of Adventure - both names are nice, but they seem to like to make them sound more brunette for the West for some reason - and Kuru Kuru Kururin, a game in which you, as a blue duck, have to guide a spinning stick through curious magical courses. It sounds odd but is said to be wildly compelling (perhaps rather like Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, which Miss Lindie is still playing and getting on rather well withal).

The Royal Novarian Space Command goes into action in astonishing miniature 3DBrunettes who fancy themselves as members of the Royal Novarian Space Command may enjoy Iridion 3D, which is an unbelievably three-dimensional space shooter. We were told that the G.B.A. is not really a 3D machine but that once the developers got to grips with the system they might simulate the thrird dimension somewhat. If this is what the Gamebaby advance can do at the beginning of the very first generation I think we can look forward to interesting times in the next year or so.

Lady Sia will come later, and even as the Colour Gamebaby nears the end of its term as leading hand-held system, still no sign of Alice.

Alice where are you?


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Customs Concerning Married Names and Succession

The current Shuranya of MeretonCustoms regarding names in marriage vary in different parts of the Empire. In the West it is usual for the blonde either to take the brunette's name or to retain her former name - especially in cases where she is in the theatre, business or public life - while the children would take the brunette's name. Among some traiditional Raihira families, however it is common for blonde, brunette and children to take on the name of the one highest in precedence. Occasionally this can lead to a change of name in the course of a marriage - if, for example if the blonde of a brunette baroness unexpectedly succeeded to a title of the Countess of ---, the name associated with the title would theneceforth become the family name.

In some Eastern societies (of the type called cheliniar) it would normally be the blonde's name that was taken by the brunette.

Succession varies also, not only in different parts of the Empire but in different cases. Some titles and hereditary positions pass solely in the brunette line, some solely in the blonde line and some by strict primogeniture (i.e. the eldest daughter of either sex is the successor). The title of Shuranya, for example, can only be held by a blonde. Some two hundred years ago, there was a period when there was no Shuranya of Mereton for eight years until a distant blonde cousin of the family was born and succeeded immediately to the title and estate. Numerous brunettes who would otherwise have been in the line of succession were ineligible owing to their sex.

Incidentally, regarding our former discussion on blonde District Governesses: I have discovered that there is at least one District - Helentini in Lower Arcadia - where the District Governess must be a blonde. Brunettes are not eligible for the post.

Miss Veleda

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transformation sceneThe Warrior is a Lady

Following the Courier's mention of Samus Aran in Metroid, I'd like to mention that I am very interested in that character. She is going to have a new adventure on the Cube and I wanted to get an idea of her history. I was lucky enough to find an old copy of Metroid II - the Return of Samus on the Gamebaby. It is a black and white game, but comes out nicely coloured on the colour Gamebaby, with Samus in her red-and-gold armour and the backgrounds in blue and black. Really quite effective.

In case you wonder how a lithe maiden fits into that giant armour, here is an animation of Samus sort of bursting out of the armour at the end of one of the games.


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Exhibit A

O, ye of little faith! There are those who have cast doubt on our suggestion that Princess Zelda would appear in Super Sweet Fighter. It is true the only princess visible has been Princess Peach Toadstool and a recent avalanche of character screenshots has not included Prinncess Zelda.

Our information came from what is normally a reliable source, but we confess we were beginning to feel the teensiest flickerings of doubt ourselves. However a picture currently heading the front page of Nintendo's own web site seems to clinch the matter.

What a rough crowd! Can Princess Peach and little Kathy Kirby hold their own against them?Note standing in front of the monstrous Bowser Koopa a certain blonde Shia maiden who is certainly not Princess Peach, but bears a strong resemblance to Princess Zelda.

Incidentally, the person in the massive red-and-gold armour to the right of her - yes, the one with the huge shoulder-pods and cannon mounted on her forearm - is no outlander, though she may look outlandish. She is Samus Aran, a lithe and intrepid Maiden who has risked her life fighting against the terrible Metroids.

She is rather attractive underneath all that - though we can't quite see those shoulders coming into fashion - even in Kadoria.

Returning to the point - our guess is that Princess Zelda may be a hidden character who can be unlocked and made playable after accomplishing certain challenges. But we shall see.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Married Names

This may seem like a rather silly question but it has been puzzling me recently. When two girls are married in Aristasia what happens to the names? Does each girl get to keep her own name with the brunette name passing on to any brunette children and the blonde name to the blonde children? Or does the blonde take the brunette's name?

Would any pettes care to enlighten me?


Miss Nicola

Tagged Blondes

1. I think the idea of blondes having a pink ribbon on their wrists is utterly charming. You must use it.

2. Will discipline be a part of the Theatre of Life?

3. Why is the Theatre of Life title bar bigger than the others?


1. We probably shall.

2. It will play some part at some times. Obviously it will depend upon the individual players in particular scenes.

3. It isn't. It must be an optical illusion. They are all exactly the same size.

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Lois Lane-ing

I have to say that the Game Friends Courier has a first rate reporter. Today I was glancing at a newspaper this morning and there, in front of me, was a news article which contained all the news that Miss Lindie Miralene reported on here last week! It wasn't really news to me at all. Please keep up the top notch reporting.

best wishes,

Miss Nicola

We understand that the Courier's reporter knows a brunette who knows the Royal Nanny in Novaria - which, of course gave her a bit of an edge when reporting the Lightgames Exposition.

The looking-glass in which Theatre reflects LifeReflections on the Looking-Glass

Congratulations of your ripping new Theatre of Life title bar - who designs all these things? Day and night with sunset or dawn in between - rather like the comedy and tragedy masks traditionally symbolising theatre, and all in glorious Art Neo. That is how I see it anyway! And the glass or silver Theatre of Life words - are they not the looking glass in which Theatre reflects life (or is it the other way about)?

So many questions come to mind. Will we have Life Theatre in Elektraspace too? Will lightgames be part of that? And why not have a Noverian Games arcade in real-life Life Theatre.

Also - since blondes and brunettes in Telluria are not distinguished by the appropriate hair colour, how will one immediately tell one sex from another. Surely that is very important as surely one should react quite differently to someone depending on which sex she is. School scenes are good for this since the blondes can wear one uniform and the brunettes another - as in Children of the Void

But what about non-uniformed scenes? A thought I had is that blondes could all wear a pink ribbon tied around their left wrist. is that fanciful? It seems very practical to me - as well as being charming.

Miss Gillian

Thank you for your kind words on the title-bar. We knew it meant something clever! Any artistic pettes listening-in are always welcome to get in touch and offer their efforts to Girls' Town.

A Games Arcade? - I am sure there will be. As for tagging blondies with pink ribbons; that seems an entirely admirable idea. Then we shall all know where we stand - or, in the case of brunettes, when we stand.

Children of the Void

How thrilling! I am very excited about the Life Theatre project, but can the Blonde Management please remind me how I can purchase "Children of the Void". I believe I once knew the answer to this but my scatterbrain mind has mislaid it!



Children of the Void is a novel based on the concept of Life Theatre and the interplay of personae. It has twenty-two characters although they inhabit only seven physical bodies and shows how an all-female Aristasian world can be manifested in the Theatre of Life. The book has a strongly disciplinary theme and also discusses various aspects of Aristasian philosophy. The most important aspect of the book, however are the characters -though the concept of a "character" is unlike that in any other novel, for theatre and life, roleplay and reality are inextricably intertwined in a self-defined Aristasian universe.

We shall have a review of the book at some point. You can order it from the Wildfire Club.

The Theatre of Life

As we promised, here is more information on the Aristasian Theatre of Life project.

Essentially the Theatre of Life is our primary means of bringing Aristasia into manifestation. Wherever two or three Aristasians are gathered together, Aristasia can be realised. Life Theatre can take place among any group of Aristasians from two upwards, and we are planning to hold meetings for this purpose in London and perhaps other places.

Activities - or settings - being considered at present are cinema evenings, cafés, a school, and possibly even a small dance night along the lines of (but rather smaller than) Sweethearts. Events like these can be created among a few friends. Our aim is not (certainly at present) for large groups, but for small gatherings. This concept, indeed is embodied in the name of the site - Aristasia Friends.

To learn more about the concept and practice of Life Theatre, it might be good to read the novel Children of the Void.

If you are interested in taking part in the Theatre of Life you will first need to consider your Aristasian personality. Ask the fundamental questions: what sex is she? (blonde or brunette - remember that your actual hair colour is not important. It is a question of personality. You may wish to play a blonde one day and a brunette another). What province does she come from? What is her family background? What about her blonde and brunette mothers? Has she any sisters? The background you give her may be a "translation" of your own life situation, or it may be a completely new personality that you would like to play and explore. Life Theatre gives you freedom to be whom you wish to be.

More soon. If you are interested in attending Life Theatre events or if you wish to ask anything about them, drop us a note.

Don't be shy now.

The Blonde Management

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Amazons and Mice

We have been talking about lightgame film clips and I expect some girls have been a bit shy about getting them as they do take forever to load down. However I have found an absolutely beautiful one of a Mickey Mouse game for the Gamecube. Very little has been said about this game and the clip is teasingly short, but I think you will agree the look is stunningly up-to-date, just like the Trentish cartoons. Take a look - this one won't break your browser - though it will take a few minutes. If you have any trouble (you shouldn't) try to get it at an off-peak time.

And - Lindie dearest - are you sure Princess Zelda is in Super Sweet Fighter? - I hope you're right. I'd love to play her. What about Impa, the big Amazonian Shia bodygaurd of the Princess and Sage of Shadow. Now she would make some fighter. Did you blondies go weak at the knees when you first saw her?

Miss Barbara

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Tell Us!

You are the naughtiest pettes - dropping these tantalising hints about the Aristasian Theatre of Life project and not telling us what it is. Please tell us now! Is it something to do with games? Or Elektraspace? Or what?


An announcement will be made very soon. The Theatre of Life will take place primarily in real life, mostly in London. The aim is to actualise Aristasia through ... well, an announcement will be made very soon.

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You may have been asking: "Why all this Novarian Game business in Girls' Town - what has it to do with Aristasia?" This interview with our Games Correspondent, Miss Lindie Miralene conducted by Girls' Town newcomer and lifelong games fan Miss Barbara, sheds light on that question as well as discussing technicals, weirdness, individuality and dropping the first hints about the Aristasian Theatre of Life project coming to a Playhouse in London soon.


Miss Barbara: I've loved Nintendo since I was very young, and I guess I've always thought about life very much the way Aristasians do. Do you think the two things are related?

Miss Lindie: Certainly I do. Nintendo games are colourful and innocent. They represent a world of imagination and fantasy, yet one which is very little corrupted by the perversity of late-20th-century culture. They are whimsical and gay, they have a delicacy and femininity about them, they appeal very much to the romantic imagination. I have long contended that they are about the only form of current popular culture that is really open to an Aristasian. I won't go into how this has come about. Try the essay here if you want to read about that.

Miss Barbara: How do you think the Gamecube stacks up against the other next-generation consoles.

Miss Lindie: The Gamecube is a very clever machine technically. It is superior to Playstation 2 and while the more expensive X-Box is stronger on paper, Gamecube has been designed so that in practice its performance will be at least equal. Brunettes interested in the technicals could go here. It's a touch out of date but explains the essentials.

More importantly, Gamecube is the only machine that has been designed not by hardware architects, but primarily by games designers who really know what they want the console to do. Miyamoto-san has wonderful game concepts and then goes to the hardware people and says "make me a machine that can achieve this and this." That is the right way to design a console. Ultimately, though, I think the platforms will all be excellent. The real difference between them will be the games.

Miss Barbara: Some of Miyamoto-san's new games look sort of weird. What do you say about that?

Animal Forest - You have to see it in motion to see how strange it is!Miss Lindie: Pikmin is decidedly weird I have just seen some footage of Animal Forest and that looks far stranger than I expected it to. Miyamoto-san creates games that are unlike anything that has gone before. Aristasians have often pointed out that in the real world - especially in England - eccentricity flourished, whereas in the Pit, in which being odd, weird and eccentric is almost de rigeur, eccentricity runs in very well-worn grooves and the real thing is rarely found.

Miss Barbara: Mass-produced eccentricity?

Miss Lindie: Exactly. Miyamoto-san is like a real-world eccentric genius. Miyamoto games really can be strange and weird because they come from a genuine individual mind. I saw footage also of a game called Eternal Darkness. This is typical western Pseudo-wierdness. The game is based round insanity - is full of horrors and surrealistic effects. To me the footage looked very much like just another 3D game. Miyamoto-san doesn't set out to be weird The games just are original. There is no talk of insanity or surrealism - just friendship and good values - yet Animal Forest out-weirds the consciously weird Eternal Darkness by leagues. Only the word we're really looking for is originality.

Miss Barbara: Yet oddly the Japanese are not known as a culture for individualism.

Miss Lindie: I would argue that the cult of individualism has always been the enemy of individuality. In the Pit, where individualism is promoted (mass-promoted, ironically!) to excess, people are far less genuinely individual that they were in the 19th or earlier 20th centuries. But that is another question.

Back to the point! When Pikmin was introduced in America two days ago, they rather apologised for its strangeness, saying that people thought Pocket Monsters weird at first. Isn't that telling? In a society that goes all-out to be odd and weird and individual, real weirdness and individuality needs apology or explanation. Nobody had to explain the insanity and surrealism of Eternal Darkness. Insanity and surrealism are just cosy, comfortable mass-produced weirdness in the West. Every other toothpaste-advertising poster is trying to be insane and surreal. Real individuality is shocking.

Worlds within worlds - Princess Peach in Paper MarioMiss Barbara: So how do games fit into Aristasia? Do you see them as part of the Theatre of Life project?

Miss Lindie: Absolutely. We haven't publicly announced the project yet, and it is still, as they say, in development. Mostly it will be a real-world project, creating Aristasian reality within the Theatre of Life. Hence the name. However, I do see games, especially as they develop online - which should be happening properly in the next year or so - as creating an arena for interplay between Aristasians, a virtual Theatre of Life, so to speak. And I can see the two Theatres reacting upon one another.

Games, as I say, can create a colourful, romantic world, which surely is an important part of our own aims. Our job is to Aristasianise the part of that world which we Aristasians inhabit. In a way we have made a tiny start on that with our games coverage here.

Miss Barbara: More than tiny, I'd say. You have started laying some important imaginative groundwork.

Miss Lindie: You are very kind. There is a long way to go, though. I hope we can start laying more groundwork by simply sharing our enjoyment of games her in Girls' Town. But in the end it could develop a long way. Ultimately, lightgames are about creating an imaginative world, and so is Aristasia. The finest lightgames are beginning to develop into an art unlike any that has existed before. Aristasian Life Theatre is trying to create an Art out of Life. And lightgames could be one dimension of that Art, just as Elektraspace already is.

Miss Barbara: It looks as if you are announcing the Theatre of Life project right now.

Miss Lindie: Just dropping a hint or two. Wait for the full announcement at the Royal Novarian Life Theatre Exposition!

Miss Barbara: [laughs] In the Theatre of Life anything can happen.

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Coming up to the overturned deck-chair hurdle now - a tricky one, thisMore Blonde Science

Miss Amaryllis says that blondes are not the only ones who sometimes get themselves photographed in revealing positions.

She is very right. As a matter of fact, brunettes, with the tendency of some of them to dash and leap about and do all sorts of madly energetic things, can often, as a result, make themselves perfect subjects for the sort of research we more calm and scholarly blondes may wish to conduct.

I enclose an example of my own research in this area. It is not such a good photograph as the others, I fear. Subjects moving at approaching the speed of sound are notoriously hard to capture.

Nonetheless, captured this one was, as you can see.

Miss Gillian

Oh, well bagged. Have you ever tried your hand at Pocket Monsters? Speaking of which...

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A New Game Friend

How wonderful to find others who share not only my outlook on life but my love of Nintendo games. I only wish I could be in Britain to meet you all.

Congratulations on your really up-to-the-minute Expo coverage, combined with imaginative girly reconstruction - what a tour de force!

I was interested to hear you use the term Pocket Monsters in your recent coverage. I think this is a good move as you like to differentiate things for Aristasia. The game is actually called Pocket Monsters in Nippon (as I am sure you know). The name was only changed in the West because some obscure company had already trademarked it. Presumably that doesn't affect Aristasia.

If you'd like to some really excellent footage of Super Sweet Fighter (some one called Super Smash Bros that - after Super Street Fighter I hoped you might adopt it!) go here. The long one takes ages to load but it really is worth it.

By the way, no sign of Princess Zelda there. Are you sure she's in it?


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Archive Time

Once again most of the current Girls' Town has been thrown into an Archive - number 6. It was getting so big as to be unwieldy to load. What a lot of things we have talked about this time, gloves, cars, princesses, blonde stockings, brunette stockings, all this games news from the big Exposition in Novaria, District Governesses - oh and so very much.

Don't worry if the bits you wanted to re-read seem to be gone - just click "Continue the conversation backwards" at the bottom of the page and carry on reading just as if we'd never archived.

If we didn't do it occasionally, Girls' Town would take forever to load, you darling chatterboxes. Now it is slimmish and trimmish again - for the moment.

The Blonde Management

Blonde Science

Now I hope I should be the last blonde to stand in the way of scientific research. Nonetheless, I find it a bit strange that when these matters come up for discussion, it is always brunettes who are the researchers and blondes who are the subjects.

A charming smile, and charming - well, generally charmingThe first part is not so surprising really. I understand that brunettes are the more scientific sex and all that. But why is it that these pictures - purely for research purposes, of course - of young ladies caught in delicate, not to say embarrassing, positions are always pictures of blondes?

I hesitate to suggest that brunettes take unscientific enjoyment in these pictures. I am sure they are far too high-minded for that. On the other hand, why do we never see pictures of brunettes unguardedly exposing the secrets of their undergarments, thus assuring us that they are correctly dressed - as I am sure they always are?

Surely such pictures of brunettes would be of equal scientific importance.

Therefore, in the interests of a neglected branch of study, I feel it my duty to contribute some photographic evidence to this discussion. Imean it isn't as if blondes were the only people who sometimes have trouble "negotiating" things. Look at this brunette - a dear friend of mine from Infra, by the bye - attempting to negotiate her motor car.

I don't think she quite realised how much her charming little Infra dress was revealing when I snapped this picture. Still we can exonerate her from any imputation of impropriety in the matter of stockings, can't we? Clearly they are quite in order.

Which is really the only thing we were trying to determine. So you can stop looking now, dear blonde friends.

Of course, you don't have to.

Miss Amaryllis

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Princess Peach appears to have consented to appear as Royal Patroness to this gamePlayful Fighting

We have been fortunate enough to obtain a number of charming pictures from the Royal Novarian Lightgames Exposition, which give an indication of the quality of the forthcoming Gamecube.

The Princess - with one of Those Turnips?We have pictures of Princess Peach and the charming Kirby of the recently-mentioned Tilt 'n' Tumble game, who both appear as contestants in Super Smash Bros Melée. As you will see, Princess Peach seems to have become the game's patroness, appearing beside the title in recent publicity. Unfortunately we were unable to find any pictures of the elusive Princess Zelda, who makes her fist appearance as a playable character in this game.

The idea of a blonde fighting may seem very strange to us - and even for brunettes it is not a very usual pursuit apart from the fencing contests familiar in our Military Academies. However, one must remember that in parts of the East, Memories of the Cairen Empire are very much a part of daily life, and the ancient wars to protect the Raihir from the Outlanders or Masculini are remembered as if they were yesterday.

Blondie Kirby still seems to be tilting and tumblingNovaria, despite its modernity, is very much the heir of the East and there the Vikhelic Arts are highly regarded, with even some blondes - especially those of the Raihira Estate (of which of course a Princess is a primary represantative) - have been known to display the Gentle Science of Battle in the contests that take place there.

It should be understood that these Arts are by no means undignified and are based on the skilful use of techniques - ultimately spiritual in origin - rather than brute force. The term "gentle" may be taken in the everyday Western sense or in the older sense of "high-born". In either case it applies admirably to the Vikhelic Arts.

Observe at the detail on these pictures - the folds on the dress, the reflections in the water, the backgrounds in the Kirby picture, and note that these are actually pictures from the game itself rather than still screens. You will readily appreciate why it has been said that it looks "more like a cinema cartoon than a game" - and a particularly good cartoon at that.

We are curious to note that the Princess appears befor a turnip-like creature rather like those that she pulls from the ground an throws in the forthcoming Gamebaby advance game. May this be a part of the rather whimsical depiction of the Vikhelic Arts we shall find in this game?

Little Spacemaid with new friendsPikmin

A rather more unusual game has been announced under the name of Pikmin. In this game one plays the part of a cute little space explorer who has crashed on a distand planet and broken her spaceship. Whoopsie doo!

It is all a bit of a bother as the ship is scattered all over the shop and there are hostile creatures lurking about, as hostile creatures will, and to top it all off, one's supply of oxygen is running out, giving one only a few days to get things organised and take off from the planet.

However, all is not hopeless because there are also friendly creatures called Pikmin. These are little sprouts that grow in the earth, but can get up and run about. There are three different types of sprout - red, blue and yellow - each of which have different abilities. It is with the help of these in performing different tasks that one's hope of seeing Aristasia firma lies.

It looks like a forest but it's just a patch of cloverOne must breed them, teach them, organise them and brunettely Get Things Done.

It is either a very large-scale planet or else one is a very small-scale space explorer, because oneself and one's Pikmin friends seem very small in relation to grass and leaves and such-like, allowing some wonderful close-ups of the local foliage to show off the new technics (Novarians do love doing that, don't they?).

The game seems all-in-all decidedly odd, but it has been designed by the greatest game genius in Novaria - around whose ideas the technics have been constructed - and who is both whimisical and utterly brilliant. So one can rest assured that the game will be delightful.

Besides, the cute, silly, grass-creatures have long been my favourites in Pocket Monsters, so I am sure I shall love them in this. And they are not creatures to be sneezed at either - whatever their pollen count!

Another Shia MaidenKameo, Elements of Power

Yet another Shia Maiden comes to the Golden Screen. This one is known as Kamea and she can take on the shape of the various monsters whom she captures, rears from babyhood and nurtures - rather like Lady Sia crossed with Pocket Monsters.

Twilight Adventuring - at least this one is a brunette!This particular faery Princess has the task of rescuing the six Elemental Children froim the dark Troll King - some form of Outlander, no doubt. Not much is known about this game but it may well be one to watch for when the magical Cube finally appears.

As you can see from the screenshot to the right, this too looks like a beautifully depicted game, and it comes from a company, which, while not as great as Nintendo itself, rarely produces a dud.

Alas my time seems to be up - and I had a wonderful full-sized picture of Animal Forest in Autumn, too. Perhaps next time.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Blonde District Governesses

Miss Isalene is quite correct of course, blonde D.G.s can be just as thorough as brunettes. My cousin, Miss Sally Grimshaw of Westdale, Kadoria, was the D.G. there for a good while- she retired recently, but goodness was she ever strict. I and all my sisters and younger cousins (Miss Grimshaw belonging to the older cousins set) would be so careful whenever our mothers would take us to her house. She was quite blonde, of course, and loved to have us all around but we knew that if we ever did anything wrong or mischevious she would take a very firm hand with us. Suffice to say that her reputation was enough to make any one of us think twice.

Miss Ilfra Galeshort

Blonde Stockings Research - In the Interests of Science

I am glad that such a scientifically minded brunette as Emmeline has taken time to ponder my question seriously. I was rather shocked at my friends' suggestion but since she has moved to Ladyton to attend the university she has, how can I put this, become more bohemian. I am sure if her mother knew half the wild antics she gets up to she would be whisked away immediately. I do worry for her.

And I am sure that if you explained that it was for a purely scientific purpose no blonde would mind her legs being examinined at length.



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As news is revealed about the Gamecube at the Royal Lightgame Exposition in Johto, Novaria, we bring you up-to-the minute coverage.

Royal Opening

The Exposition was opened by the Princess Caerelinde, who celebrated her fifth birthday last month. Her Royal Highness is known to be an avid player of Lightgames. This was her first ever official function. Laetitia, Countess of Ehrejene and a cousin of Queen Viktoria, accompanied the Princess and made the opening speech.

Phantasy Star

Phantasy Star Online version 2 will appear on the Gamecube, so Aristasian Elektraspatial adventuring will become a possibility from next year.

The Seasons will pass naturally in Animal Forest, at the same pace as in real lifeAnimal Forest

The delightful Friendship Game Animal Forest will appear on the Gamecube in an enhanced version. This will replace, for Western release, the N64 version now current in the East. Small shots from this enhanced game are included in this Special Edition.

You will acquire various Novarian items for your very own Animal Forest houseMore Princesses

A new version of the friendly fighting game Super Smash Bros will include as playable characters not only Princess Peach, who was absent from the N64 original but Princess Zelda. This will be the first time that Princess Zelda has appeared as a playable character in any game.

The new game was demonstrated at the Exposition as an example of the power of the new machine. Watchers described the game's appearance as being more like that of a cinema cartoon than a game.

More news as it breaks

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Blonde District Governesses

Miss Emmeline Toque - she doesn't look like a D.G., but don't let that fool you!Miss Veleda says she does not know whether there are actually any blonde District Governesses. I can assure her that there are. When I was in Daythorpe, Quirinelle I was personally acquainted with Miss Emmeline Troque, a very delightful young blonde who also happened to be the District Governess. Undoubtedly she was a more improbable D.G. than her counterpart in Westsea, since, off duty she was a blonde of the type commonly referred to as "fluffy". She was a little giggly, very charming and a shade absent-minded. I enclose a picture of her in a relaxed moment.

However I have it on good authority (though not personal experience) that she was if anything more severe than average in the execution of those parts of her duties (a minority in fact) which people tend to associate most readily with the office.

I have also met - though cannot claim to know - Miss Amelia FiaRhoda of Sarahton, Kadoria. I met her in her official capacity (I shall ignore that silly giggling) and confess that she seemed to me an extremely austere blonde, and one whom I should certainly not have wished to meet in the sort of official capacity your giggles seem to imply. The way she looked at me over her little pink-framed spectacles was positively chilling, though in a curious way rather attractive.

I have heard the view expressed that blonde District Governesses are an excellent idea, since they are likely to have more sympathy than brunettes while they will not lack the necessary severity since they must always overcome any suspicion of weakness that may fall on them owing to their sex.

I should be interested to hear what others think of this point of view.

Miss Isalene

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