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Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

The Geniae

Dear Aphrodite,

I was astonished and rather incensed to see the Sun described as Blonde and the Moon as Brunette. I suppose that assertion is made on the grounds that the Sun is bright and the Moon shines in darkness

. But surely the Sun is a full and mature, giving entity; the Moon a demure and reflective one. Surely the Sun is the archetypal Brunette; the Moon the archetypal Blonde.

I have lived and breathed this all my life. I cannot accept such a drastic reversal!

Maria Marenke

Lights, Cameras, Action

Blue Entries are reports of events that have taken place among players in the Theatre of Life - they are actual physical meetings, not fictions or fantasies. The rule is that the actual event described must really have taken place - background events relative to the player's characters may or may not have been enacted on the physical plane, but the main event being described has been.

True Blue

What exciting times, as Lindie sometimes says. In the last little while I have met - at least correspondentially so far - a new friend of my own age, Nancy - but you knew about that, didn't you?

Lost Sweetheart

To all you fellow London Sweethearts, All dressed up and nowhere to go?! How is an Aristasian girl meant to share her thoughts and dreams with like-minded souls when there is nowhere to meet them? I would love to be able to take tea or cocktails or even a stroll or a dance with a lovely fellow pette, but where are you hiding?

Oh, how I long to find you, I am lost somewhere outside Kadoria!

Yours Longingly,

Miss Brown

Sweethearts may no longer be with us, but Aristasian events in London are certainly not a thing of the past. Any one who wants to become involved in London Aristasian life should drop us a note to let us know you are interested.

Barely Blue

We wonder whether entries like this should be blue or not. Strictly not (hence the colour) since they are not real life events. On the other hand, they are part of that all-important preparation for real-life happenings - in this case the Aristasian school which will be taking place in London. Here a prospective pupil introduces herself with her Aristasian Background:

Nicola said I really ought to write to you and introduce myself, seeing as I am hoping to visit your school quite soon.

My name is Nancy Moore and I am a 15 year old blonde from Dovedale in Quirinelle. I live with my parents and my older brunette sister, Estella who is 19 and my younger blonde sister Coco, who's real name is actually Claudia. She is 10.

My family are dairy farmers and we also have a huge orchard containing apple, plum and pear trees and best of all cherry trees which are my favorite as they look so nice all year round and I adore cherries. My family all live close by, I have cousins all within walking distance. Last year my cousins organised a dance in one of the farm's barns and all the older girls could go along, I wasn't allowed but I did sneak a look. They had a gramaphone and bunting and a table almost groaning with food! This year Mother says I may go if Estella promises to keep an eye on me. And if I do go I can wear my new dress, it is blue with a cherry print.

I have a tree house that used to be Estella's until she got too old and said it was only for babies, but I love it. Mummy often makes sandwiches and cakes and large bottles of cold lemonade for me and Eliza (my best friend) to take with us and we sit up there for hours on end. Only Eliza is only home over the summer as she attends a boarding school in the eastern Quirrie.

Last winter I had a baby cow to look after all by myself which was quite fun. She was born in February, and was such a wee thing and I had to hand feed her and everything. Her name is Honey and is quite a darling, she has the loveliest big brown eyes and always comes to me when I call her name.

Oh Mummy is calling me now- I think it is time for dinner. I do hope we can meet soon.

Best wishes,

Nancy Moore

And a reply from another prospective pupil:

Dear Nancy, Miss Alice has read your letter and sent it on to me. She says that she and Miss Serelique are working toward the school and hope we shall all be able to go there soon. In the meantime she thought you and I should say hello as we are the same age and will probably be in the same class.

My name is Annya Miralene. I have three sisters, Wendy, Mitzi and Lindie (Annalinde). Wendy is the youngest, and I am the second eldest after Lindie. I am fifteen, like you.

I have lived in Qirinelle mostly, though I was born on Novarian soil - but not in Novaria. I was born at the Novarian Embassy in Quirinelle, so I am a vera Novaryana like my brunette mother and my sister Mitzi (who was born in Marenkhe, Novaria). Mitzi and I talk like Novaryani - that is, influenced a lot by Raihiralan speech, whereas Wendy and Lindie are very Quirrie, like blonde Mummie. Mitzi lived in Novaria for a while with her aunt and we both went to the Novarian School in Quinbury, Quirinelle, which is mostly for children of diplomats and such. The school is fairly Quirrie in style actually, but all the girls are Novaryani.

All my sisters are blonde, but Mitzi is quite boisterous and brunetty in her ways and also (sometimes) has that brunette sort of sensibleness - together with that brunette sort of dottiness. When we went on the bumper boats on holiday, Mitzi was the only girl to come out *soaked*. Well, that is how Mitzi is.

At present I am not with my blonde or brunette Mummie, but we live with our guardian, Miss Clare. I am not going to the Novarian School in Quinbury any more, but I have a governess who is teaching me French - and also there is another governess who might also be teaching me French which Mme P (my usual governess) says is splendid because you can't have enough French. Anyway the other one is Mlle. Villeneuve and I haven't met her yet.

Are you learning French? Miss Alice said you might be but she wasn't certain. Miss Alice is very clever but also too dotty for words. You can be both, you know! Anyway, if we aren't at school yet (or perhaps even if we are) Miss Clare said perhaps when she has to go somewhere Mme P could give us a lesson together in the schoolroom here. We haven't asked her yet, but she did mention she might like to teach us together.

Mme P. is a very good teacher. She is also head of Modern languages in a school. She said I did really well in my dictation last week, but this week she did it really fast with a passage I had seen but didn't know I was to prepare for dictation, so I made several mistakes and she punished me quite hard for them. I am perfectly sure she did it deliberately, but actually I like her very much and I really don't mind if she does things like that sometimes. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, I don't think she would punish you, as you are a guest - not unless Miss Nicola said she should, anyway - or unless you throw indiarubbers about the room while she is teaching. But you don't seem like the sort of girl who would do anything like that.

I am terribly interested in romantic, beautiful things. I don't mean kissy-romantic; I mean exotic, magical, adventurous romantic. I want to write beautiful things and I want to have a Muse.

Though kissy-romantic is interesting as well. Have you ever been kissed by a brunette? No, that is an entirely improper question and I withdraw it altogether.

With lots of love,

Annya Miralene

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Another Sakura

Which Sakura is this?I saw a picture recently of something called Sakura Wars - here it is!

What has this to do with Card Captor Sakura? Is it the same thing or what?

Curiously yours

Miss Gillian

There are actually several Nihonese things with Sakura in the title. Cherry blossom is as important in eastern culture as roses are in ours (but still carrying some of the mystical overtones that roses have lost in Western Telluria - though not in Aristasia). Sakura means simply "cherry blossom" and is also a girl's name. So the various Sakuras are not necessarily related, and in this case, we think, are not.

Award-winning Us

Aristasia Friends has recently been awarded Pinklinks' Best of the Web Award for Content, Integrity and Service to the Girly-girl Community. The award appears on our front page.

The Blonde Management

Autumn in Aristasia

As Miss Nicola suggests, there are harvest Festivals in Aristasia with Harvest suppers and fairs in many parts of the Empire. Those who are or were undergraduates at Milchford will recall St. Gilda's Fair with its merry-go-rounds and coconut shies.

The central festival of Autumn is the Feast of Regeneration which is concerned with death and rebirth, both of nature and of the soul.

Preparing the Fires of AutumnThere is also the Feast of the Dead with its bonfires. This is one of those times of the years when the veil between this world and the subtle worlds is said to be at its thinnest. We welcome our dead to the brightness of our fires and bless them, and ask their blessing upon us. But we banish the dark spirits that also hover close at this time. In older times, and in some more traditional areas games with apples - such as ducking for apples in a tub of water or trying to eat an apple suspended by a string - are played. The latter is played by two people at once - always a blonde and a brunette - for it is only possible if the apple is held still by counter-pressure of two mouths (the hands must not be used and are sometimes secured behind the back). Part of the merriment comes from the physical proximity which this game necessitates.

And there is the Day of Werde, also a fire-feast in some areas, and closely related to the Feast of the Dead. Werde is best translated into English by the word "fate" - though it means not only "blind fate", but the destiny we weave for ourselves by our actions, the destiny, many hold, that we have created in lives before the present one and that we continue to create for our future. Werde is the angel, both dark and light, who weaves the threads of this destiny.

Into the Fires of Autumn we symbolically cast the sins and errors that bind us that we may free ourselves from the dark entanglements of fate and become pure and bright.

Though if all this sounds a little sombre, let it be said that the Fires of Autumn are also accompanied by fireworks and baked potatoes and sausages and toasted marshmallows and cider (not only cider - but that is the traditional Autumn drink) and turnip lanterns and frightening masks that induce laughter rather than fear.

For Aristasians do not embrace the darkness - rather, while they do not make light of it, they seek to make it light.

Alice Trent

Sweethearts of Yesterday

Speaking of 'blue events' I just happened to see the pages from the Sweethearts Club. Is this club still alive? If it is: will there be more reports from the evenings there, if it is not: why not?!

Greetings from


Regrettably Sweethearts is no longer with us - the reasons were primarily financial, I believe. We are hoping at some point to arrange smaller dance evenings for Aristasians in London.

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

As the evenings are drawing in and the mornings have a decided chill about them, my mind started thinking about Autumn festivals and what festivals happen in Aristasia. I am sure that many villages and towns must have a harvest festival, perhaps similar to such festivals in Telluria, with the blessing of the harvest and a supper as well as little fairs. Are there any other festivals or holidays in Autumn celebrated in Aristasia?

Miss Nicola

Could it be?

A friend tells me that a new serial has begun on Tellurivision called Card Captor Sakura. It is a Nihonese Anime about a girl who must gather cards scattered from a magical book - or something like that. Her best friend is a rich girl who loves her and who is surrounded by female bodyguards, so there is more than a hint of shoujo-ai - the Nihonese girl-love discussed in the earliest days of Girls' Town (Pop along to the first archive to read about that).

Sakura - animationj fit for Aristasia?I have not seen the programme yet - we have no receiving television in the house as we do not like a direct connexion to the sewage-sluice of the Pit even for viewing up-to-date films. It is a matter of hygiene. But my friend is recording them for us and assures us that we will love them.

Could it really be? A film-serial actually being made now that we can watch? Pocket Monsters came close - it was in many respects heartwarming and delightful, but the grooshy music, bongo clothes and other Pit-influences earned it a regrettable thumbs-down, despite the wonderfulness of the games.

I recall, a year or so ago, sitting on the steps of the kinema with my friend eating popcorn to console ourselves because we knew we really couldn't see the Pocket Monsters film.

Could Card Captor Sakura finally be the exception? We are told that Nihonese cultural references have been rather cavalierly cut out. Perhaps it will be too Pit-westernised.

But perhaps - just perhaps - it will be a current thing that we can actually watch for the first time in - well, ever, really.

Long have I yearned for something that was both current and acceptable - something that one could admire as it appeared in the kinema or came out week by week - just as if one were living in a real world. Nintendo has been of enormous help in making a cultural actuality that one could embrace. And the recent firm commitment of the company to innocence and truth (see entries below) has made one feel better than ever.

Despite the total corruption of public broadcasting, music, literature and entire everyday lived culture of the Pit, there is, somewhere, genius in the world that one can adore.

And if, on the heels of the Tokyo Affirmation, should come to these shores a new animation that one can actually imbibe, then I shall feel that on that lunary plane where all the world's movements begin, the Forces of Inner Liberation are at last marching: silently at first, and few in number, but with a tread that all the Demons of the Pit cannot turn back.


And at any rate there will be a much happier Lindie in the world, and doubtless several much happier Aristasians.

So cross your fingers and await my next report.

With love, and hope,


The Potential of Elektraspace

By way of a somewhat belated reply to Mistress Amazonia's remarks on the dangers of Elektraspace: I think all there is to be said on that matter is that Elektraspace is no worse than the rest of the Pit. But unfotrunately it is no better either, which makes it mostly a bit horrid. We need not tread more carefully there than in other places - but we should not tread less carefully.

In Elektraspace as in physical space, our business as Aristasians is to make our own places, seceded from the rest. Potentially Elektraspace gives us the power to do that over a wider area and to introduce new dimensions into our Life Theatre. Elektraspace, like most technics is, in itself neutral. It can be used for good ends or for bad.

Ask not "how does the Pit use it?", but "How can we use it to build our better world?"


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No News is Bad News

One piece of news our faithful courierettes failed to report - possibly because it is not news at all, merely the absence of news, or possibly because it is all too sad.

There was no announcement at the London show of a British release date for the Gamecube. The far West and the far East will be having it in time for Christmas, but now it seems that our hopes of having it as late as March next year were somewhatoptimistic. It may be April. It may not.

One considers the possibility of importing one which is not only expensive, but machines will not, we are told, play games from other regions - so an American machine will only play American games and one will not be able to use it for British editions - when they finally arrive.

Though that problem, of course, may not be permanent. The regional lock-out is supposed to be very clever, but nobody is that gol-durned clever once the hackers get to work. What the mind can lock the mind can unlock - and will.

On a jollier note - what do you think of those new gamecube controllers? Extremely clever, not only in their technical advancement but on the psychological front too. Both Nintendo and a certain well-known rival now have four action buttons on the front, but whereas the w-k-r has them symetrically spaced and identical but for four abstract symbols, Nintendo has one large green button, the A button, clearly the main button. Then a smaller adjacent red button, the B button which is obviously the secondary button. Some games have only one main button. Some have a primary and a secondary button (jump and shoot, for example). The other two buttons, X and Y, are clearly peripheral and less important, reflecting what actually happens in most games. Normally these will be used for lesser functions.

Instead of having to memorise (and, if you are like me, keep forgetting in the heat of action) which button is which, Nintendo arranges the buttons in a way which clearly reflects the way buttons are almost always actually used and makes them much easier and more instinctive to operate. In these little touches, as well as in great innovations lie the nintendo magic. The machine shapes itself to the player, not the player to the machine.

One final point. I don't know either whether the tiny Pokémon Mini system will be silent - but one thing the Courier ommitted to mention - it will have a built in rumble function: so even if it doesn't sing it will at least shake, rattle and - well, probably not roll.



Our Very Own Club Paper


A Baby Baby for Pocket Monsters

Hot on the heels of the news from Nihon of Nintendo's affirmation of innocence and traditional values, the delightful new Zelda and the ground-breaking innovations concerning linked Gamecube/Gamebaby play comes yet another new and unexpected thing.

At Spaceworld, announcements concerning the future of Pocket Monsters were conspicuous by their absence. Now, at its European baby-show, a new announcement unexpectedly emerges - and as is almost routine with Nintendo, it is something nobody could have expected.

The next Pocket Monsters incarnation comes in the form of yet another piece of hardware called, very Infra-ly, Pokémon Mini. It is like a teeny-tiny Gamebaby of the pre-colour variety and takes cartridges even smaller than the miniaturised marvels of the Gamebaby Advance. The entire unit is approximately three inches long by two-and-a-half inches wide.

The screen seems to be black and white - literally black and white without shades of grey - with lower resolution than the earliest Gamebaby, but rather sharper. There will be the usual direction-pad and A and B buttons, plus a single shoulder button. First games will include Pokémon Pinball Mini, Pokémon Puzzle collection and Pokémon Zany Cards.

Undoubtedly this will be a lot less expensive than the Gamebaby Advance and will make an easy entrance into the world of Pocket Monster playing for the littlest players - and perhaps for some of you pokécurious pettes.

There is even an infra-red port, so that one can swap cards or creatures with friends without having to buy a link cable.

Points raised immediately by this unexpected development are:

The last question your Courier will undertake to answer, not from Information Received but from good old Common Sense. No, of course not. Pocket Monsters is simply the best game made. To create a new version for the Gamebaby Advance/Gamecube (if it doesn't link up you can call us a grey-green octopus) is not the work of a few months. To make something this good takes ages, as some one once said.

Pokémon Mini is clearly an interim measure and one which will introduce a new young audience to one of the few really good influences in Telluria.

And if it introduces some of you girls too, this Courier is not complaining.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Pit Crit

While criticism of the current state of Telluria is by no means the purpose of this site, it is occasionally worth while to analyse the problems of a culture that surrounds many of us from an Aristasian point of view. With that in mind we reproduce some recent comments made by Miss Trent on the problem of proletarianisation.

In Britain the central point of culture-decay lies in the destruction of - something that is a little hard to name - in Aristasia it would be called the Raihiralan spirit. In England terms like "gentlemanliness" or "the class structure" strive in the right direction but are not entirely the point.

To begin to capture the point (and remember, many subtle things require time to assimilate) watch British films from Quirinelle (the 1950s) backward and then think of bongo television - you will begin to see how the latter represents a society without a head - without an upper layer and therefore without form, harmony or structure.

When one sees a film from the Real England, and then, over the credits, comes the voice of some female bongo announcer (never "presenter", please) - an appalling voice always, full of "eeeooos" and "aaaoouuws", one hears immediately the contrast between a sane world, a world with a centre and a head and an empty, void world, a headless chicken running about aimlessly without form, without structure, without a centre.

It is important here to grasp the point of that voice. It is not merely that our announcer has a common voice but that:

a) It is not actually a common voice: it is an artificial bourgeois voice denatured by phoney proletarianisation. A voice that could not exist outside the Pit, and has no business existing anywhere.

And more importantly

b) She is a broadcasting announcer (never "presenter", please) and as such is supposed to represent a standard in spoken English. She represents not even the mere accidental decline of this standard (which would be bad enough) but its deliberate and premeditated destruction.

Alice Trent

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Colour Considerations

Relief and delight at the sound direction that Nintendo is taking - no problems with Maria after all and a Zelda we can love and embrace - give way to profound contemplation. A serious issue has been raised which can only be decided by each one of us according to her own Inner Light.

Which of the three revealed colours should one choose. For me the orange is out. It is just too - well orange. Black, on the other hand, tempts me. The black machine with the white front panel looks rather art-neo, while the black controller shows up the coloured buttons very nicely.

It does look a little to grown-up for me though, and a bit like a film-machine. Do you know, in the absence of a nice, non-transparent pink, I am inclined to go for the original purple - or indigo as it is sometimes called. It is Nintendo's official colour, the royal colour. It will match my Gamebaby Advance - and since the two will be linked up that is important.

Also, I fancy the rather delightful buttons were primarily designed to go with purple Why is the main button - the A button - green? Surely the three primary colours would have been nicer. Blue for the A-button, going with the red B-button and yellow C-stick. To my mind this is the one design aspect I should like to change. However I suspect the reason is that there is so much blue in the Nintendo indigo-purple they felt green would be better for contrast and also that the blue had already been "stated" as it were. Therefore purple is really the colour the Cube was made for.

Not that that would stop me buying a pink one - but failing that I think purple it must be.

Incidentally, though you can't see it in the pictures, the Z-trigger is blue.


Our Very Own Club Paper


New Zelda Confirmed

The new Zelda, as represented by the screenshot we showed earlier is now confirmed to be entirely representative of the next-generation Zelda on the Gamecube. We have seen film in which Zelda plays exactly like an animated 3D cartoon. The technics involved are (as usual with Nintendo) an unprecedented leap forward. The hand-drawn appearance - actually achieved by geometric construction is astonishing, but it is also a complete volte face from the ultra-realistic increasingly "mature" approach pioneered on the Nintendo 64 and already partially realised (and displayed at earlier shows) for the next generation.

The new Cubie colours - which do you preferReading between the lines, pressure from the West to woo a "mature" audience has finally given way to a reassertion of traditional values and commitment to the younger audience and the family. Aristasia applauds. Princess Zelda has returned to her roots.

How sound Nintendo is is shown in attention to the smallest details. When we saw footage last year of the (old-style) next-generation Zelda, we were deeply impressed, though we knew then that the realism and grown-upness would mean that, as with the N64 iterations, we should not want to play it. A small point that mildly troubled us was that the ultra-clear graphics showed Link to be wearing an earring. Em-eh-ell-ees with earrings? How bongo! - But then Link is a sort of elf. Perhaps it is all right.

But Miyamoto-san clearly thinks as we do. Explaining the radical new approach, he expressed his unhappiness with the direction the series was taking, and even mentioned "piercings" as one of the things that troubled him. Now Zelda has been firmly returned to the innocence and fun of the earlier incarnations, while stretching the new technics further than ever. Trust Nintendo, girls. These people are sound.

Innocence Affirmed

After extended dabbling by the Western publicity machine with the concept of "maturity" - one very offensive game involving established cute characters (unsurprisingly by a Yeekay developer) and some very unpleasant advertising involving urinals, the third-form bee-oh-why "maturity" fad seems to have been officially renounced.

At Spaceworld, Nintendo has officially restated its commitment to the younger audience as its core constituency, while affirming that the games would be good for all the family to play. As we said in an editorial some time ago: Nintendo should stop trying to compete with two very large and powerful companies for a slice of the "mature" market and concentrate on what it does best - games that are innocent, pure and a hundred times better than any one else's.

Animal Forest - the Good News and the Bad

The wonderful Friendship Game, Animal Forest, is becoming more wonderful. In its next-generation incarnation it will be available on the Gamecube and Gamebaby Advance, and the two versions will interact with each other. One can get new clothes or wallpaper for one's house in the Gamebaby game and transfer them to the Gamecube game - more possibilities for communication and friendship are opened up by the dual format.

The bad news? The game may not be coming to the West after all. Pray that it does.

Not the brightest picture - but you get the point!More Connexions

Further examples of linking between the Cube and the G.B.A. were demonstrated - a version of Kirby Tilt'n'Tumble (see earlier issues) in which tilting the Gamebaby actually tilts the "floor" shown on the big screen to roll Kathy Kirby about. If you drop her off a platform on the big screen she falls right out of the screen and onto your Gamebaby from whence you have to flip her back onto the big screen.

Unprecedented interaction between two machines from a company renowned for unprecedented innovation. All this without losing our innocence. The future looks delightful.


Feared by the Bad, Loved by the Good . . .

As Nintendo opens its long-awaited show, Spaceworld it seems that Aristasians, innocents and girly-gamers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief while the forces of greyness and grim "maturity" let out a howl of dismay that threatens to drown the world of Western Tellurian lightgaming in its wounded-monster anguish.

Let us confess that we were distinctly worried by the promised "mature" look for the new Mario games on the next-generation gamecube. Already Zelda had become a little too grown-up for our liking. Ocarina of Time lost this correspondent when the new older Link appeared, and she never even bothered to buy the repudedly even more "mature" Majora's Mask, despite the fact that she has been a great fan of the cute "little" Zelda games.

And now with Mario "going mature". We were worried.

We should not have been. As the show opens we have seen a clip of the new game Mario Sunshine. The portly plumber looks much the same as ever - though the scenery is highly realistic (perhaps this is the "mature" touch) and apparently set in Mario's native Italy. Strange monsters haunt an otherwise realistic world, giving the game (as far as first impressions go) something of a Quirrie-monster-movie look. We rather like it. And as for fears of Mario looking more em-eh-en-ish. Our reply would be, as before, no more so than Bugs Bunny.

Mild dissapointment, then, for the grey-and-grown-up crowd. But hardly worth howls of anguish, surely? No indeed. The actual howls centre round (if howls can be said to centre round anything) one screenshot from the new Zelda. Now we had given up 3D Zeldas as a lost cause. But this screenshot revived our hopes even as it dashed those of apparently the whole tribe of the Western Masculini. Miyamoto-san said diffidently that is was "a little different" from the graphic style shown at Spaceworld last year. And, by great Diana, it is.

First reactions from the W.M. - "Perhaps it is just a sick joke" - "I could only find this look acceptable if the game was filled with blood and gore". We do not jest. These are comments from writers representing - or purporting to - the Western Gameplaying Consciousness.

First reactions from us - in the immortal words of Toad/Kinopio - "Yippee!"

Perhaps we can have Zelda back, the cutie lovable Zelda we ploayed with on the gamebaby. Of course it is speculative at the moment. Perhaps this represents only a special level or somke other oddness. Perhaps Nintendo will take fright at the strength of the "anti" reaction in the West. But so far, we live in hope. If this screen is representative - we love it!

At this moment we are waiting to see some film footage coming to us on the upwire - that may tell us more about what to expect.

Don't forget - you found it first in The Courier.

Trooping of Colours

Further news: the Gamecube was widely rumoured to be launching in only one colour Royal Nintendo Purple. Now it seems there will be two other options - Black and "Spice" (which seems to be orange). Which one appeals to you?

Lights, Cameras, Action

Blue Entries are reports of events that have taken place among players in the Theatre of Life - they are actual physical meetings, not fictions or fantasies. The rule is that the actual event described must really have taken place - background events relative to the player's characters may or may not have been enacted on the physical plane, but the main event being described has been.

Navy Blue

I promised to tell you what happened at my first lesson - so I shall. Mme. P is very nice, but very strict. I tried very hard, but I made the most fearful mess of my written work. I don't know if it was nervousness or not, because I did the silliest things I really do know better than. I hoped very much that she would not think I was being deliberately annoying - because I wasn't and that really isn't the sort of thing I would do. Anyway, I don't think she thought that - only that I am very sloppy, which I suppose perhaps I am, though I really didn't mean to be.

But the most awful thing was - well I have to go back a bit and tell you about my uniform. It is a navy blue gymslip with a matching belt and a red sash that goes over my shoulder. Well, Madame P has her own ideas about uniforms - different mistreses often have - and she prefers me not to wear the belt but put the sash round my waist. This of course involves having the knot in a different place, and when I tried in the hanging part of the sash looked all sort of chewed where the old knot had been - if you see what I mean. Well, I though that wouldn't look very good, so I ironed the sash.

Now you have the background. So now we are in the lesson again, and about half-way through in comes my guardian to tell Mme. P that I have left the iron on and could have burned the house down. Do you know, when I was living at the Novarian Embassy with my blonde and brunette Mummies I did that once - not burned the Embassy down, but burned a big black iron-shaped hole in the carpet.

So Mme. P said she would attend to the matter and gave me a really hard spanking with a wooden hairbrush. You know, hairbrushes really do hurt in the hands of an expert.

But do you know - that is not the worst of it. I was really sure I had turned the iron off at the switch. And later in the day the milk went off rather badly. And the next day the fridge got quite smelly. Because you see, I had turned something off - but it was the fridge, not the iron.

Mme. P says she will "discuss" this matter with me next time.

With that not-especially happy thought and with the assurance that this is all perfectly true and blue,

I am,

Annya Miralene

Blue with Envy

I'm so jealous of all the pettes posting blue messages. I don't know any girls in my area who share my sensibilities. I long to go out to tea or have a theater night with an up-to-date Brunette. But alas, I know not where to her. I guess, for now, Elektraspace friends will have to do. Not that there's anything wrong with Electraspace friends, of course. Oh dear, now I have gotten myself all muddled up. Please excuse my tongue-tied Blondness.

Miss Johannah

Don't worry - we all know what you mean. And how we wish we could meet you blue-ly.

Blue Entries are reports of events that have taken place among players in the Theatre of Life - they are actual physical meetings, not fictions or fantasies. The rule is that the actual event described must really have taken place - background events relative to the player's characters may or may not have been enacted on the physical plane, but the main event being described has been.

Sacré Blue

Encouraged by Mitzi's success with her Blue Entry, I feel I just must tell you some blueness of my own - which is that my guardian has recently acquired a governess for me. Her name is Madame P. I met her last week and she said she was going to teach me French which is a thing I really do need to learn. Anyway, it is all perfectly blue - I mean it all actually happened - my Guardian and Miss P and the self were all together in the drawing room. She seems awfully serious, not to say severe, and I was so shy I think I probably seemed very silly and young - though later she did mention something about young ladies "however sophisticated" - meaning me. So that is positively ripping, I think - I mean that she thought I was sophisticated.

Anyway, she gave me a "sample" of what I was to expect if I don't do well with my French. I shan't go into any details about that because - well it really isn't necessary to go into details about that. Anyway, I shall see her again today and she is going to give me a test which will probably be an utter frost because my French is perfectly dreadful. I mean I know quite a few words, but I really have no idea how to glue them together. And as for tenses - I can only say they are very well named because that is just how they make me feel.

So I'll tell you how things went.


The Coffee Club

I wonder if you would count the Coffee Club as a Blue Entry. The events are definitely real and played out among Aristasian personae - generally only two. We simply have coffee together. Sometimes we play a game - in fact it is always the same game, Maria 64, but last time we met it was quite different as my little sister Wendy had coffee with her Auntie and showed her lots of her new Special things, like her sparkly watch, her new game and her sunglasses.

Not, perhaps too scintillating for reading by those without - but can it be a blue entry?


Not only can it, young Miss Mitzi, but as you see, it is. Wherever two or three are gathered together, Aristasia is present. That is the basis of the Law of Manifestation and the Theatre of Life, and the simplest things are as worthy as the most elaborate.

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Welcoming New Girls

How nicfe to see new girls arriving - well, I don't know if one can call some one by the name of Mistress Amazonia a "girl" exactly. Sorry ma'am.

I should like to assure you that there are no pop-up windows or advertising doohickeys attached to the Aristasia Friends site. If you just pop Girls' Town into you bookmarks or favourites you can come straight here and there will be no extraneous material forcing itself upon your attention. For the rest of Elektraspace, of course, we cannot answer, but our little corner thereof is guaranteed intrusion-free.

To Miss Daisy (it is Miss and not Princess, isn't it?), may I recommend popping to the New Lady Site as well as stockings they do a number of girdles, though I think only one might be on-line. Ask for the catalogue.

Miss Lindie

Blonde Screeeeem

Thes technics have been being so naughty. I popped up the new material for Girls' Town the dau before yesterday and it just didn't appear. I kept popping, but nothing happened. Now the same problems seem to be happening again. So that is why things have been so quiet - and it isn't the fault of

The Blonde Management

Thought and Language

Thought and language, which reflect reality in a way different from that of perception, is the key to the nature of human consciousness. Words play a central part not only in the development of thought but also in the historical growth of consciousness as a whole. A word is a microcosm of human consciousness.

These words were written by a prominent experimenting psychologist some sixty years ago, and no doubt reveal that the adoption of neologisms into one's commonly used language in place of the myriad of marvelously descriptive adjectives at one's disposal, will curb the ability to describe, express and indeed think in forms other than those provided by that septic abyss out there. I applaud your use of the word 'bongo' to describe deracinated consciousnesses and imposed artificial reality. I always find it amusing when they talk about the 'real world', when it is in actual fact an artificially implanted one! I must also express that I consider this medium [Elektra-space] to be not without some danger. One has to wade through 'interstitials' (windows that automatically open which advertise varying rubbish) in trying to reach one's destination, in this instance, Aristasia. This is my first comment posted in this region, and unfortunately it appears to be rather dour in comparison to those on Gamebaby, 64 and other names I have yet to be educated on. Forgive me if I have dampened the tone, but would be interested in further comments on these thoughts.

Mistress Amazonia

Girls' Town is here for every sort of discussion from the profoundest to the most trivial (though Miss Lindie probably would not call games trivial - but you know what I mean). Your comments are more than welcome and will no doubt provoke discussion.

Trying to turn the sexes upside-down?Those Redheads Again

"What about redheads?", you ask in one of your questions, and I remember a

debate, where the question: Are redheads a proper sex? was debated. This debate was of interest to me, because I think I have something in me that could be labelled 'redheadish'.

The answer was a clear cut 'no'. Reheads are not a sex. In your answer you say something very interesting about a hormonal difference that could account for the fact of the existence of 'redheadishness' within the sexes.

Today I accidentally found, if anything at all happens by chance, a picture that gave med the idea of a possible psychological description of that which is 'redheadish': the need to turn everything upside down, the rebellious nature, which is too 'dangerous' to be just blonde and to 'disorganised' to be just brunette - so it modifies these principles.

Look at the picture. Isn't that convincing?

Many greetings from


Help Needed

Dear Ladies,

I have been following this conversation for soem time now and find it very enlightening. I have taken several small steps toward becoming a proper lady, such as disposing of all offending, non-feminine items in my wardrobe, especially trousers. It's frocks and skirts/blouses everyday for me now and it has been a positive change. However, I feel I can and should do so much more. I've followed the posts about girdles with particular interest and would like to start wearing them, along with proper gartered hosiery. But, I feel I do need a little advice on wear to buy such garments as the pit seems to consider them a torture device and they are mostly unavailable. Can anyone help?


A  Principled young BlondeGirdles and Principles

Oooo, Dear... Young Miss Isalene has now confessed twice, but I must say that her second confession more than doubled the enigmatic suspense of the situation: An Aristasian minded girl, who more often want to NOT wear a girdle than she wants to WEAR one !?

I am sorry that I - for a lot of reasons - am not the right person to tutor Miss Isalene into a proper girdle, and the Blonde Management of this Forum is cearly very sweet and BLONDE, for they seem to be so confused by the mere sight of pictures of girls in girdles that they mix them up, repeat short: they loose control of themselves, so one wonders what one would have in advance if THEY undertook to giving Miss Isalene such a couse...

But still it is undoubtedly true that Miss Isalene as well as many other girls would benefit from seeing the principles of proper dressing manners spelled out again. How should a girl attracted to Aristasian principles dress in her every day life - even if that life is lived in the Pit ?



Are Aristaians Human?

Miss Karen asks if Aristasians are human. It is a perfectly reasonable question, and as Professor Joad would say, it all depends what we mean by "human". If by human we mean members of the highest Tellurian species, which is divided, like most Tellurian species into the female and male sexes, then clearly the inhabitants of Aristasia are not human.

If by human we mean the central or axial species of a world order - neither animals nor angels nor fairies or nature-spirits (Shia), then Aristasians certainly correspond to that definition.

I believe the correct answer tho the question is this: Aristasians are not human, but correspond, within their own world-system, to what is meant by the term "human" in Telluria.

Alice Trent

Nebulous and straplessOh, Put it Back!

Silly Blonde Management to print the wrong picture by Miss Anna's girdle letter - but it was such a lovely picture - so very romantic and charming with the tight girdle and the fluffy, nebulous petticoats (yes that is the word I meant) and the charming, romantic background.

So, even though it was a mistake, can we have it back, please?


Very well - since you ask so nicely, here is that picture again.

Backsliding Blonde?

In answer to Miss Anna's question as to why I do not wear a girdle all the time, the answer is - I don't know really. Whim I suppose. Some days I feel girdley, most days I don't. Is it a serious thing, do you think? Am I a backsliding blonde. Of course, if some girl were to be very firm with me and tell me I must wear a girdle, then I should. At least I probably should. She might have to check me from time to time.

Does anyone volunteer?

Miss Isalene

Are We Human?

I know it sounds like a funny question, and hope it won't offend anyone - but I mean it quite literally: Are Aristasians human?


It's a reasonable question, Karen and the answer is...

I think Blonde Management will let someone else field this one!

Body and soul within the boundaries of femininity - sighWhoopsie!

When we printed Miss Anna's interesting contribution yesterday, we accidentally accompanied it with the wrong picture. Here is the right one. Sorry!

The Blonde Management

A Small Note on Girdles

Dear Miss Isalene

Thank you for touching the ever interesting subject of 'Girdles again' again. You make a confession: "Yes, I am in favour of them too. Part of their magic in my mind is the way that they enclose and embrace one. I confess that I do not wear one all the time, but whenever I do, I am impressed with the sense of complete encasement which feels at once safe and secure and - dare I say it - subtly erotic", which leaves me with the small enigma: But why, then, don't you wear one all the time

There are lots of girdles, which, though they are of a lighter fabric than the one shown in your picture, still make excellent contributions to keeping your body and soul within the boundaries of the Feminine Archetype - like the one shown in this picture. I wear something similar to this on a quite daily - and very fulfilled - basis.Yours


More on Nature

I find it pleasing to hear Miss Trent's views on religion.  I concur wholeheartedly with her words.

By expressing reverence for the manifestations of nature does not mean that one worships them as goddesses per se. Nor does it affect the reverence an Aristasian may have for whichever goddess she chooses to worship.

So many of the Higher Religions of the pit have evolved into mere mechanisms for maintaining a self-appointed heirarchy.  The poor adherents being instructed to worship in a specifically delineated, controlled manner.  Is this not part of the Eclipse itself?

This evolution has caused the philosophical separation from our uncontrollable natural mother and her ways, thus she is branded - as Miss Trent states - "supernatural".  We are fortunate to live in a place where this has not happened.

Madeleine Gray

Our Very Own Club Paper


Various bits of Tellurian News this issue

Games for the Girls

The Gamebaby Advance is the latest accessory for chic party girls in Paris, it seems, overtaking last year's craze for little shiny scooters. favourite colour for girls is Milky Pink, known in France as Barbie Rose (we adore that colour ourselves - if only it wasn't transparent, showing all the Rude Mechanicals - still, I understand some Tellurian girls like Rude Mechanicals. Ahem).

But it isn't just the Paris party set - it seems that in France some 30% of Gamebaby Advance players are girls. In the Baby's native Nippon, the figure is 40%, where lots of girl-oriented (no pun intended) games are produced that never reach the West.

Favourite games among girls are cutesy games and R.P.G. adventures. When you consider that many games are almost exclusively played by bee-oh-whys (football games, wrestling games, very violent games, "serious" driving games etc) and that these make up quite a large proportion of games sold, the proportion of girls playing the sort of games girls like must be very high in some countries.

Incidentally it seems that Kuru Kuru Kururin is a big hit with female players. "It seems to hold a fascination for girls" reports one source. This site can verify that!

Anguish Cubed

It has now been confirmed. While America will have the Gamecube comfortably in time for Christmas, it will not arrive in England until - wait for it (you'll have to) - March. "Utterly swindleacious" commented a well known game-playing figure whose name begins with L.

Now where was the address of that importer?


While on the subject of swindles and general swinery, the larger shops in Britain seem to be colluding in a monstrous price-fixing racket. Nintendo's recommended price for the Gamebaby Advance is between 75 and 80 shillings (about four Gold Sovereigns in Aristasia). However, just about every shop is selling the systen for 90! Games should sell at 30/- for Nintendo games (Maria Advance, Kuru Kuru Kururin, F-Zero etc.) and 35/- for non-Nintendo ones. Again price-rigging is in evidence with all high-street shops selling both kinds at 35/-.

You can buy the machine at its proper price (76/-) and games for less at Games For You (one needs to send them a cheque as they have no credit card facility - a pain if you are as bad as we are at posing letters!). All games here are 28/-.

Alternatively you can buy things direct from Australia. Owing to fair prices and a weak Australian currency one can get a G.B.A. for approximately 72/- including postage from the other side of the world. Prices for games are reasonable too. Go to Tunza Games - one of the worst-designed websites you'll ever see, but well worth a visit. They also get PAL versions of N64 games long before they get to these shores.

Finally, the Special Reserve Club is worth a try. They are selling the G.B.A. at 80/- instead of the usual price-rigged 90/-. They sell Nintendo games - and some others - at 30/- and the rest at 33/-. You don't have to join the club in order to buy, though there are advantages to doing so. One can buy in Elektrapace by credit card and they also have several premises where one can visit.

Who says The Courier isn't useful?

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

A Lie Compounded

Miss Trent's comments on "nature worship" reminded me of a poem written by a proto-Aristasian some time ago on the landing of an em-eh-en on the moon:

Thou, bender of high nature to thine own pedestrian ends
Have lied, and lied most grievously, to me:
Have told me that the Highest Huntress,
Ever-resplendent in her silvern chastity
Is merely an insensate clod of rock;
And to compound thy lie, have trod on it.

Apart from the rather neat conceit of "to compound thy lie have trod on it" - one may indeed compound a thing by treading on it, but it is not the lie here that has been trodden on, but the "clod of rock" - the point of the verse is surely the one Miss Trent was making. It is not denied that the "clod of rock" exists and can be trodden on, but to claim that the said clod is the sum total of the eternal Entity called the Moon - that is the lie.

Miss Isalene

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Another Question

Oh, one more question. Since the names in Kuru Kuru Kururin are Nihonese, shouldn't the Helirin really be a Heririn?

Miss Gillian

Blonde Management undertakes this one! Of course it would be Heririn in Nihonese (since there is no "l"-sound in the language) but the reference is to a helicopter - so the "heli" is transliterated from Westrenne into Nihonese as "heri". It has been rendered back so the "helicopter" reference is not lost on a Westrenne audience, and very sensibly so.

Incidentally "helicopter" is a conflation of Greek helix - spiral and pter wing. A spiral wing. We also find pter in pterodactyl - literally a "winged finger". Bet you didn't know that!

The Dizzy Duck that Isn't

Miss Gillian's technical question is easily answered. Kururin enters the sphere known as the Helirin. Two arms shoot out - one on each side. These begin to rotate. The appearance of the vehicle when seen from above is that of a slowly spinning stick.

However this stick, as the opening animation clearly shows, is composed of two separate retractable arms. These turn about the central sphere which itself does not turn "the still point of the turning world" so to speak. Thus Kururin can see where she is going all the time and does not get dizzy.

Incidentally, this is just simply the jolliest game. You remember I was telling about the silly little touches that are just there for fun? Including the fact that the left and right shoulder buttons sound two different horns wherewith to parp as you spin along? well if you press one of the control buttons at the same time (which speeds your stick up) the two horns change to a ringing bycicle beel and a barking dog. And if you press both buttons (which speeds the Helirin even more) they become a neighing horse and a crowing rooster. And on the new system they sound just so realistic.

Now isn't that just jinky?

Miss Lindie

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Miss Alice on Animism

In order to answer Miss Carol's interesting question, it is necessary to consider what we mean by terms such as animism and nature worship. In perticular, we have to understand that when such terms are used by modern tellurians (and by modern I here mean the last few centuries) they have a special colouring caused by the peculiar intellectual history of modern western Telluria.

The Christian West has undergone a process of separating nature from the Divine up to the point when that religion is inherently hostile to what it terms "the supernatural", and indeed believes in a mechanistic, materialistic universe with God balanced (in my view rather uncomfortably) on the top.

The concept of nature implied by this view is of an inanimate agglomerate of matter - and when this civilisation speaks of "primitive nature worship" it tends to be projecting its own view of a purely material natural world onto earlier (and some current) peoples and imagining that it is this that they are worshipping - which would certainly be absurd.

However, since no such process has taken place in Aristasian thought, it must be understood that the Aristasian mind sees natural things as ensouled, or as outward manifestations of the eternal Archetypes which they embody. So while an Aristasian is not aware of the physical nature of the sun, or that the moon is a satellite, she also sees them as the physical manifestation of the Solar and Lunar principles which must always exist and therefore existed long before our physical sun and moon came into being and will exist long after they have passed away.

And so it is also with the earth, the rain, the planets and other "avatars" of eternal principles. They are to be honoured just as a Princess or a Mother is to be honoured - not merely for herself but as the bearer of a principle beyond herself.

As one begins to understand this, one sees that "naturer worship" is no less intellectual or spiritual than the Higher Religions as they are termed. In Aristasia reverence for nature and supernatural religion form a continuum, perhaps rather in the way that they still do in the Tellurian Far East.

I hope this clarifies the matter a little.

Alice Trent

Nature Worship

I was curious to hear Miss Trent speaking of the earth, sky and rain as deities. I don't know if I have misunderstood, but is the religion of Aristasia a sort of primitive animism or nature worship?


Earth Mother, Sky Mother

Miss Karen's question is a very interesting one. What must be remembered is that the whole concept of masculine deities is rather a late one. In the earliest times all deities were feminine. Masculine "gods" were introduced slowly, first as consorts and subjects of the All-Mother, then as equal partners, then as superior partners, and finally, in the latest monotheisms, the feminine deity was eliminated altogether from patriarchal theology.

However, in Aristasia, as in the primordial majority of Tellurian history, masculine deities do not need to enter into our reckoning at all.

As Miss Gray rightly says, the dark Earth is the archetypally Brunette, while the bright Sky or Sun is Blonde, and the two form a whole, often with the Rain or the Lightning regarded as the Mediatrix between the two.

And it may be remembered that while we speak of the pollution of the earth in Telluria, the problem affects the sky as well, with pollution of the air, weakening of the ozone layer and the poisoning of the Rain, the Mediatrix betweeen Earth and Heaven.

So indeed, we may say that the whole of feminine nature has been under attack during the same period that femininity itself has been under attack.

Alice Trent

Earthy Motherhood

The contributions about our Mother Earth and the coincidence of the terrible attack on her beginning at the same time as the attack on femininity seem to be true and convincing.

But one thing puzzles me. In The Feminine Universe Miss Trent explains how, in patriarchal Telluria, the Earth Father and Sky Mother changed places, just as the Sun became masculine and the moon feminine - all part of the process of assigning the "superior" and "spiritual" elements to the masculine and the "inferior" and "material" to the feminine.

Is this right? Is Mother Earth a real concept or a patriarchal one? Can anyone help?

Miss Karen

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A Technical Question

I hope less technical pettes will not get bored with all this learned business about force-fields and whatnot, but there is a technical question I am just bursting to ask. Miss Lindie may well know the answer, because after she explained about all the tiny musicians sitting inside the Gamebaby and the scenery being rolled up and such, I know she is a very Technical Blonde indeed.

Why doesn't the duck get dizzY?I too have seen Kuru Kuru Kururin and agree that it is the most addictive thing since a Chcolate Monkey (a Chocolate Monkey is a drink by the way - you can get it at the Old Orleans and it is the divinest thing imaginable - but beware the food which is dreadful apart from the nachos).

The quesion is this. Kururin, the little blue duck steps into the spherical Helirin and the top of the sphere closes over her. Then the long stick extends out of both sides and for the rest of the game it is spinning, looking to the uninitiated much like a spinning stick. But there is the blue duck, Kururin in the centre.

So why doesn't she get dizzy?

Miss Gillian

My Little Magic Box

Oh dear. After Miss Isalene's comments I hope no one will mind my return to spaceships and spinning sticks and candlesticks and queens. Or at any rate to games and magic boxes.

Not that I have any actual news to relate. I have been spinning the stick in Kuru Kuru Kururin like a good'un. The game just gets better. I am so glad there is an easy setting as I know I could never do it on hard, but it just keeps me coming back and back. I have nearly finished the adventure - it feels quite sad, like coming to the end of a delightful film. But there is also a sense of achievement in completing a game. Perhaps there could be a Club Award for completing games (Lindie returns to her Gold Star Hunt).

I have probably spoken before about how the Gamebaby seems like a wonderful little world in a box - so small and with a magic screen where one sees so many things and meets such charming creatures. The Advance machine is even more like that. The pictures are so smoothy and perfect, the sound so wonderful. Somehow playing Kuru has made me realise this anew.

So I just wanted to tell you again about my love affair with the little-world-in-a-box.

Hope you don't mind.

Miss Lindie

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

The Feminine Earth Again

Miss Johannah has posed a wise question concerning the mother of us all.

The Mother Earth is of course feminine.  She is the ultimate brunette, caring for us all in return for our respect and devotion.

Surely it the duty of everypette to tend to her needs, that duty is part of the very nature of all of us.

Equally, the more we live in harmony with each other, the more we and our mother are in harmony.  This is to the benefit of all.

Kind Regards

Madeleine Gray (Miss)

Volume 9 - Relief at Last

Oh dear this page had become as big as big - topping 100k, which it never has before. Well relief is at hand and we have archived at last, so here we are in our ninth volume, slim, svelte and slender.

My doesn't that feel better?

The Blonde Management

The Feminine Earth

I'm sure that this is probably obvious to sagettes among us, but it only recently dawned on me.

I was  thinking about how Telluria abandoned it's feminine nature socially in the 60's and it occurred to me that they also abandoned their connection the the feminine mother earth at about the same time.

The Earth has always been regarded as Feminine.  Mother earth, nurturing and stable.  The pit has no respect for nature or the environment.  People are not rooted in the ground and connected to the seasons the way they used to be.

It seems true to me that the pit did not only reject beauty and femininity on a personal and social level, but also on the very profound level of rejecting its very home because it reminds it of feminine beauty.

What do other Pettes think?

Miss Johannah

Girdles Again

Spaceships and spinning sticks and games, games games. That is all we seem to be hearing about these days. Not that I mind - especially with such galant brunettes in epaulettes telling us all about their extraorbital adventures.


With the permission of all present, I should like to return to an earlier discussion about a topic that might be considered more mundane but which I think is equally out-of-this world: girdles.

Yes, I am in favour of them too. Part of their magic in my mind is the way that they enclose and embrace one. I confess that I do not wear one all the time, but whenever I do, I am impressed with the sense of complete encasement which feels at once safe and secure and - dare I say it - subtly erotic.

One is wearing an armour beneath one's clothes - an armour that is made to be penetrated, which, by its very excludingness is inviting.

And, by forming one's figure it makes one look more inviting too.

I think I too fall into the magic-and-mystery school of girdles; the veiling of the Inner Sanctum, as it were. Also fascinating is that, with a full girdle like that shown with suspenders and stockings, one is enclosed not only on the horizontal plane, but vertically by a subtle tension from the shoulders to the toes.

Don't you pettes find this adorably fascinating?

Miss Isalene

Whoopsie Warning

There will be a virus-attack on Elektraspace tonight at midnight. This is expected to affect Aristasia Friends - so if we don't seem to be here for a while that will be why. Actually we shall be here, but we may appear not to be.

Confusing? We think so too - but that is our information.

The Blonde Management

Lights, Cameras, Action

School Discussion

Plans are being discussed for the starting of more organised Life Theatre events and the centrality of a school project has been proposed. To learn more about the state of discussion - and add your own comments if you wish - see the Maidens in Uniform Discussion Paper

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Wing Span

Miss Karen asks: "Flight Lt. Colberg tells us that the wings on many of her spacecraft collapse in order to minimise possible meteorite damage and enemy hits. But if the ships are protected by a force-field, why is that necessary?"

Now, Miss Karen, if you were one of my cadets I should tell you to try to answer your question for yourself. Two things you should be able to guess from what I have already said: 1) since a spacecraft's force-field draws energy from the ship, we try to have it inactive except when in combat, therefore the ship can be vulnerable to meteorites. 2) any object hitting the field with force will drain energy from it, so such hits are to be avoided.

However there is another and more important question which you could be forgiven for not being aware of. The more are a a force-fiend has to cover, the more energy it takes and the slower the regeneration time after a hit. Now a ship's wings add comparatively little to its volume, but a great deal to its surface area. The easiest single way of reducing the surface area of a spacecraft is to retract the wings when outside a planet's atmosphere. Consequently, wherever this is possible, it is done.

Flight Lt. Gloria Colberg

Vikhelic Magic

Space Soldiers - fighting for Beauty, Purity and TruthThe recent discussion about fighting for Aristasia in space and other games reminded me of that passage in Children of the Void when Lehnya is riding her bicycle through the streets. If you recall, she visualises her bike as a magical steed and imagines herself sending out beams of light that destroy the things of the Pit and yurn them into real things. Ugly advertising hoardings go up in flames and from the flames emerge lovely Quirrie advertisements with smiling maidens. Scruffiliy-dressed, tattooed bongos turn into pretty, giggling girls in wide skirts with many petticoats. Fluorescent bongo police-cars turn into gleaming black-and-chrome ones with bells mounted on the front.

The vision always seemed to me quite a wonderful one. Couldn't the battles in our games be related to this? The beams from our spaceships destroying all that is ugly and corrupt, transforming it into all that is beautiful, pure and innocent. Isn't this what the Royal Novarian Space Command is really doing - and what we can do also - and may not games be "aids to visualisation" in the psychic war for Beauty, Purity and Truth - for Holy Aristasia?

Miss Annya

With Folded Wings

I hope this isn't a silly question, but Flight Lt. Colberg tells us that the wings on many of her spacecraft collapse in order to minimise possible meteorite damage and enemy hits. But if the ships are protected by a force-field, why is that necessary?

Miss Karen

Kuru Kuru Kururin

The Gamebaby Advance is a wonderful device. Despite having a larger screen with higher resolution and far greater processing power than the older machine, the life of the batteries is considerably longer - and they lasted very well on the old 'Baby. Not only that, but the power light turns from green to red when the batteries are getting low. How jolly is that?

Steering your StickSo I thought it would be a long, long time before my first set of special Nipponese batteries that came with my 'Baby were exhausted - especially as I finished a half-used set from the older machine before their Ceremonial Opening (oh, I loved those special Nipponese batteries like a pair of sisters). But now they are gone. And whose fault do you think it is? Maria's? Princess Peach's? Well, yes, up to a point those Usual Suspects were responsible. But by far the greater portion of blame must be attributed to Kuru Kuru Kururin.

I didn't mention this delightfully-named game (oh, thank you, Nintendo, for not translating it into Westrenne) when recommending Best Games for the system as I thought the concept a little limited for one's First Game. Now I am by no means sure. It is a far better game than you might think from the premise.

The premise is simple enough. Guide a slowly rotating stick through various mazes without touching the sides. If you touch a side - or any other object - you lose a heart. Lose three hearts anjd your stick explodes with a wonderfully realistic glass-like crash-and-tinkle.

Simple, you think, and perhaps a touch too fiddly. However, I acquired the game on high recommendation. I was told it was colourful, innocent and above all "happy". How could a Lindie resist? And how glad she is that she did not.

Rescued DucklingsYour stick is actually a sort of helicopter and you - being a blue duck - get into the central sphere and set out to rescue your duckling-sisters. You travel through many wonderful lands, each of which has three levels. I have already explored Grass Lands, Ocean, Jungle, Cake Land, Cave, Cloud Land, Star Land, and am now on the second level of Ice Land. So you see where those batteries went.

The graphics are colourful and certainly happy. They really show the extraordinary superiority of the new 'Baby over the old one. They are so smooth, subtly coloured and adorable. Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble was perhaps the nearest equivalent on the older machine, and while that was alarmingly charming, this is just another world of delightfulness.

The music is if anything even more adorable. If Maria Advance sings Trentish, Kuru Kuru Kururin sings Quirrie. As soon as you start exploring the Grasslands at the beginning you will be positively ravished by the Quirrie innocence and charm of the music. It is the sort of music that restores your faith in everything. My favourite so far is Cake Land. From my previous remarks you may have gathered that I am an utter convert to earphones - but in fact I am not. I use them only sometimes. But this game really requires them. If you want to hear that glorious Quirrie orchestration to the full, you must have Full Stereo Sound rather than Inch-Square Speaker.

The game itself - well, perhaps it is just me, but I adore it. Some say it is too hard. Fortunately there is an "easy" setting which allows one to complete the game using a smaller stick. If you are not too proud to use this (and, being a blonde, I am not) I think you will find the game possible. You can reduce the stick still further if you wish, for an "unnofficial" game, but I have not found this necessary. It is difficult at times, but it is one of those games that is just right. It keeps you coming back for "one more go". In that respect, it is like the best of the older, simpler games, but with all the polish and variety of the latest developments.

It is from Nintendo itself - of course.

The genre to which this sort of game is loosely said to belong is that of "puzzle games". Perhaps a limited style of game, one may think, for one's First Big Game on the new system. But recall - the game which really launched the first black-and-white Gamebaby some ten years ago was Tetris - the mighty flagship of all puzzle games. Despite - or perhaps not despite - its utter simplicity (the simplicity of genius) it sold the system like no other game in the early days, helping it achieve its present status as the most-sold games-machine of all time - by far.

The addiction of Tetris with Disney-esque charmKuru Kuru Kururin is not Tetris. It is far more sophisicated and less pure in its genius. But having been hooked by Tetris (the new colour one - though oddly enough it happened that I played it on one of the earliest black-and-white machines) at the beginning of my own Gamebaby career, I think I can say that K.K.K. has something of the same addictive magic married to a Disney-esque Quirrie charm.

I think you will enjoy it very much.

One more thing - one of the delights of the game is that there are various features that have no utility at all in terms of playing the game. They are just there for fun. The left and right shoulder buttons sound two different horns, so you can honk as you spin along - should you find time so to distract yourself. Also along the course of your adventure you can collect various kinds of paint and stick-forms which allow you to change your spinning stick into a wavy one, a flowery one a starry one or other kinds of stick. You can also make it different colours, two-tone or stripey - you can make the stars of the starry stick twinkle and various other things - some of which I have yet to discover. All this serves no function at all, but it is jolly good fun.

And so is the whole game.

Miss Lindie

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